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At Ph 20, our number one rule is based on customer service and quality. We only use quality ingredients in our products. We want our guests to come with great expectations and leave with satisfaction.

We now have more than 40 new items to offer our friendly customers and hundreds of Vietnamese traditional dishes on menu.

When you come to
Ph 20, you must try our special item, Ph. It is one of our #1 recommended items.

What is Phở ?

Ph is Vietnamese beloved beef noodle soup. It is mostly a restaurant food in the Vietnamese community and now proliferates throughout the United States. We treasure Ph, and most of us have loved it since we were one year old or when we were old enough to hold a pair of chopsticks.

Ph is a large bowl fills to the brim, warm, and wavy steam arises. And yes, the broth smells beefy with freshly chopped onions and coriander. The rice noodles are fresh. A piece of lime is squeezed into the broth. Raw bean sprouts are added for crunch. A few sprigs of Asian basil, saw-leaf herbs and fresh chiles are also added. Hoisin or Sriracha sauces are available to put into the soup or put them in a small bowl for dipping.

Come visit us at
Ph 20 for a wonderful eating experience. You will long remember.

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